Great you found your way to my site! 

As soon as I can speak about love, relationship, intimacy, sexuality and the so vibrant theme of sacred union I get really alive. 

This topic has become my guiding star at the horizon. Everything I offer lies on this axis towards the sacred union between the inner feminine and inner masculine. So they finally can start their dance of creation and anker love into the earth. I am talking about a completion and growth process which takes places within each of us, but which we also can experience in our relationships and as a step towards a new culture. I feel that this is true for me deep down in each cell.

Something personal 

I have been on a path of selfdiscovery since the age of 20. The selfhealing quest has been a major motor for me to keep digging deeper and deeper into my self. Chronic health issues, pushed me onto the path and always have kept me moving forward and also brought me to yoga and meditation, emotional release techniques as tools for connecting with myself.

Also relationships have been the greatest learning opportunities to grow into more of who I  am. As a wife and mother, I have dealt extensively with the topic of partnership, functioning family systems, role allocation in our society, conflicts and aggression in intimate relationships. Through the relation with the father of my daughter I have seen how important it is, to find sustainable solutions for healing, and dive down to the rootcauses of conflict. Relations often mirror us our deepest relational wounds and it is so worth to do the work at the root.

Increasing self-love and compassion for myself and others, embracing fears and feelings and all I wasn't able to feel as a child, have helped to reconnect my parts and put me on a path of learning to open my heart more and more. Also becoming quieter inside to listen what wants to emerge through me.

I am the type of person that always likes to ask questions, those big questions about life, why we are here and what is our purpose. Also asking how we were meant originally has lead me to so surprising answers and insights sometimes. Maybe I should write a book about that one day. Lately I decided that I rather want to learn from inquiry than from pain, that feels really powerful and fun. 

A word about sex...sexuality has always been fascinating and important for me, but it took me a while to understand with my whole being, that it is a threshold to our greatest power.
Used properly it can lead us to our primal lifeforce, to self-healing, to massive joy, love and to our manifestation qualities, even to total liberation. 10 years of (alchemical, transmutational) yogic practices and some tantra opened the doors for new ecstatic worlds within myself. A whole new universe so rewarding, enriching, enlightening...I so want to share my insights and techniques with you!

Why shall you work with a woman being a man?

Being a woman I can give men something you will never find in a man. Supporting you to find new ways to feel and restore your inner feminine is part of our journey. Your inner masculine so often is craving for rejuvenation and rest by just being held by your inner feminine, so it can rise into a mature expression.

Teachers & Methods & Inspirations

Inspired by Gopal Norbert Klein - Honest sharing - Traumawork 
Inspired by Elliott Saxby - Kundalini Bodywork & Dearmouring
Power Code® Coaching Training- Björn Clausen
Cert. Integral Coach ECA – Living Sense
Reconnective Healing® - Eric Pearl
SAS Circling Instructor Training - Relational technology and communication
Breathwork, Shakti Naam®, Naam Yoga®Therapies - Dr. Joseph Michael Levry
Christie Marie Sheldon - Abundance Training
Derek Rydell - Emergence Training
Ryan Eliason - Social Entrepreuner Training
Sharon McErlane - A call to power 
Andrea Steimer - Visionpreneur Academy
Bikram Yoga - Bikram Choudhury
Earth & Nature & all her Inhabitants

We can work in English, German and Spanish. 

I am teaching and leading groups since 2003. I have been self-employed since then. I had two yoga businesses and I know what it means to have employees and bring a business forwards.

Looking forwards connecting with you.

My Dream

Looking into this world, shows me a massive imbalance between the poles.
A peaceful honest inner dialoge and dance between the inner masculine and inner feminine is the fertile ground for a paradigm change and for pure love.  For me this will lead us to new forms of awakened relationships, new communities and will help us completing past wounding, personal, historical, societal and make space for love, joy and creativity.

We are the ones creating the new blueprints for a whole new era of being and relating. How exciting!