Sensual Inner Journey

Sensual Inner Journey

Group Experience with Maryam Ma and Barblin Focke

love. let it expand. let it grow. let it flow.
in this training we will give you a systematic space to work deeply on your heart.
key is to find a way to be with your feelings. to get more complete through them. to open up. be vulnerable. connect and fly high. get a much directer connection to the voice of your heart. listen deeper. listen more carefully.
get to know you in your soft, vulnerable spots and unpack your gifts from there. how powerful are you if you know the whole spectrum of yourself. from black to white.
once your channel is open and you know how to come back to yourself when you get lost in your mind, in drama, or your ego than we have done a good job! that is our desire for you.

Maryam Ma and me, Barblin, invite you into this space of transformation, of high energy, holding the space of the new.

seven evenings. two individual session. and 2 bonus circling sessions if you want with the opposite sex to deepen your connection skills.

the whole training you will have access to guided meditations at home


heart centered meditations



shadow work

cord cutting

polarity work


dance and more

we are looking forward to go on the journey with you.

for more information contact Barblin, 079 200 27 27

or ask for a 30 minute free phone session to find out if this is the right thing to do for your right now.

seven mondays. may-july 19. more details coming soon

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