Mentoring & Coaching 

Apply for a free call with me, so we find out what your personal needs are, and than we see how we can tailer individual solutions specially for you. See below...

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Are you really motivated for a substantial change in your life?
Are you committed and ready to create new routines?
Do you have a bit of time on a daily base to invest in your physical wellbeing, happiness and freedom and put yourself first?
Are you ready to step into personal responsibility and willing to let go of excuses?

If you see yourself here, ready to invite a more conscious, free and powerful life, I am looking forwards to get in touch with you. 

 In order you get sustainable results I combine different sessions with coaching, although being present with what is, showing up from moment to moment is the most important aspect.
 A personal call for clarity is required before any private session.

Yoga & Breathwork

The practice of yoga is very beneficial on all levels. See more about it under the section yoga.


Is a relational active meditation of being with each other and sharing what is alive in us from moment to moment. Circling can reveal a new way of being in relationship and is an amazing tool for learning to be more embodied and conscious of what's alive in us in the now.

Honest sharing

I like to introduce and work with honest sharing from Gopal.

Sexual Clearing Session

Sexual de-armoring is about releasing sexual trauma from the tissues and cells and making more life energy available to you again. In other words: to make room for the blossoming of your masculine primal power.
Clothes on.


I welcome you into a safe space to allow yourself to reconnect to your own source, answers and wisdom. I am in that with you. You become visible. We both will have to show up. No teacher-student situation, we are here eye to eye. So you can grow. And me too. If you are looking to hide, I am not the one. 

Sexual Energy Work

Energy-based body work uses sexual energy to create a free flow of energy in the body. We move from releasing blockages to experiences of bliss and orgasmicness.

This session is designed to discover and cultivate your sexual energy for healing, heartopening and developing consciuosness. Strengthens your presence and sensitivity. Inhabit all your strength. 

This experience might give you a whole new view on what is possible for you sexually. By experiencing your own sexual energy in a more holistic way for yourself, you might be able to explore sexuality with your partner in new ways, and find a whole new source of inspiration, rejuvenation, happiness and intimacy.

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The call takes around 30 minutes, gives you a whole lot of clarity, it is free and not binding.
Looking forwards talking to you.


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