Have a deeper connection to yourself
Seed the new, filter out what doesn't serve you anymore and 
embody more love on this planet. Be yourself.

It is my greatest joy to be with you on your way to become happier and more of yourself.
Yoga - Coaching - Authentic self

Welcome to my world!

I am named Barblin Focke. Combining my passion for transformational work and personal development, with many years of yoga expertise and presence work is what makes me happy. I offer you experiences to align your body, mind, heart and sex, so you can embody more love.

Show up more and be more of yourself. Allow your inner guidance to take over and become more loving, healthy and joyful.

Yoga classes and private sessions in Zürich, Switzerland. 
Online sessions.

What would it take...

  • to be connected to yourself?
  • to be more embodied and have more flow and presence?
  • to have a good loving relation to yourself and your body?
  • to have more energy, joy, ecstasy and love in life?
  • to create new structures for a life that supports life on all levels and brings health?
  • to have better communicationskills and a deeper connection to your partner, family and friends and experience deeply satisfying intimus exchanges with others?
  • to have relaxed, deeply satisfying and vibrant sex?
  • to be connected to your inner spark and be aligned with your inner guidance?

How we work

I am fully dedicated to support you on your way into your own leadership and to bring your potential to bloom. The answers lie within you. You restore your inner guidance. You learn to allow yourself to feel more, be more present and to move through the blockages which hold your life force back.


Are you ready to bloom and to be more of who you really are? 
A 30-minute free call helps you get clear about  
where you are, what you want and how you can get there

Some Testimonials

Martina - Embodied Coachingsession

"For me it just felt like my inner man and my inner woman are getting married, it is such a gift. I am so excited about what is still unfolding through this working and being. And I find it so beautiful to have met my father at eye level in my dream, and to have said all that I have wanted to say for a long time. I woke up with a feeling of expansion, contentment and love, and love for myself."

S. (Woman) - Embodied Coachingsession

"Just yesterday I was able to enjoy a session with Barblin.
I was able to stretch out and show myself, to receive the healing that is just and naturally coming up, without pressure. Gentle and powerful at the same time.
Barblin accompanied me with her wonderful clear perception, and despite the pain and heaviness that sometimes came up, stood by me with ease and humility.
It was and still feels wonderful. I was able to reconnect with a part of myself and FEEL... pure wonderful LOVE and especially love for myself.
With all my heart, I recommend you dear sister to have a session with Barblin to FEEL the pleasure and love in your whole body tingling and pure."

Helge Z. - Coaching

"I highly recommend Barblins work to other to men, as through her strong femininity and her understanding of the male and female energies, men get better into their male energy. They will find their true male self. She can guide that very well with her femininity.

I have been seen by her, she has felt or seen my energy. I were in good hands with her, she really saw what the particular concerns were and then she has given allowance to what needed to happen. It has brought me to the next level, as she took me at my hand in certain areas to make my blind spots visible and transform then. When I tune into the work with her, it feels very warm to me and high on a vibratory level."

J.M. - Sexual Energy Work

"A lot has changed for me" - All in all, I have become clearer but also more sensitive to my surroundings and have found a deeper connection to natural, real sexuality.

I learned to let the energy spread and build up without suppressing it. It's amazing how awareness changes and expands through a different way of dealing with sexual energy. As a man you get a real “creative power” and the motivation to make a difference. Women definitely feel it very clearly, haha!"

Claude S. - Coaching

"The deepest realization for me was: "Hey, it is even easier than I thought" and a second was how much abuse had occurred in my own life, that I could not even notice. Only in and after the sessions. And much of it, maybe not all at once, could dissolve again with ease.

One of my great outtakes was that I need less sleep overall and have more energy. Before that, I was rather tired.
I realize how important it is to get in touch with me and my physical body even more.

I recommend this work to my friends, because I saw you as a very sensitive person. You didn't talk nicely, you took the topics seriously and tackled these matters with me. In addition, I went home and on the one hand had some cool tools at hand, on the other hand I was also highly motivated to work on my own in the way that you passed it on to me.

I experienced you as a very sensitive, but also relaxed person. You simply showed yourself as yourself, not an imposed professionalism or "I am the coach, you are the client", but quite simply and naturally. And that gave me immediate confidence in you and your work. You made it easy for me to open up. You were fully involved with your heart."

Philip W. - Sexual Clearing 

"Looking back at our Sexual Clearing Session, I have only wonderful memories of an experience that is difficult to describe on a cognitive level. Since I was lying on your massage bed with my eyes closed, I don't know exactly what you did. However, I could feel very well how you put me into different emotional states with your magical hands and how old energy blockages in my body were released. It was an incredibly beautiful and very transcendental experience for me. I am very grateful to you for that.
Through this work, a part of myself has opened up again and has become more peaceful, specially those blockages related to the separation with my ex-wife."

F.S. - Coaching

"A Swedish athlete I have known for years spoke to me today at the competition. He asked me what was going through my head all the time. He said that my charisma is so positive and full of love, he also said that I always laugh. I then told him that I've been working on my inner self for some time now. I am incredibly grateful for everything you've taught me so far! 
I wanted to share this experience with you because it really touched me."

Andrzej S. - Coaching

"I became much more peaceful and softer through our mutual work. I moved to a whole new level of intimacy with my partner.
I realized how traumas and the discovery of a lost twin have been interfering in my relationships strongly until now. 
Just by saying yes to the whole process much started to move and I was really able to bring and shake stuff up and let it go. Accepting help was a important factor in the whole healing process.
Also the sexual clearing session was a highlight,  as it was very transformative and healing. After that I had so much peace and deep feelings of happiness in me.

I found Barblin to be very empathetic and caring and also very intuitive."

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